Client: Rubenetti Coastal Rowing


Double racing skiff design

The aim of the project was to design a competition boat for two rowers. An innovate design that would allow our client to differentiate themselves in the market was our main goal.

Apart from designing the boat, at Ingeniacity we were in charge of designing the riggers, which are the anchored pieces to the boat where the oars are held.

The final result was an audacious design, in which the riggers and the bow stand out. The “Ax Bow” reduces pitch allowing a higher cruising speed.

Project development
Design process

In the preliminary design phase of the hull  we identified the optimal values for length, beam, draft, etc. Using the  estimated weights as a starting point, then, a systematic optimization was performed using genetic optimization algorithms.

Using the data obtained from the systematic study, different hull geometries were evaluated using a simplified method for evaluating the resistance due to wave formation, and later, the most promising cases were evaluated by fluid-dynamic simulation.

Once the shapes were defined, the structural study, the selection of materials and the design of the deck (taking into account ergonomic criteria) were performed.

Project images