Cliente: Industry



Within the framework of Industry 4.0 we present an application for industrial environments.

The platform is conceived as an autonomous node for data collection and its subsequent radio transmission to a central server.

Supports the installation of a large number of sensors simultaneously, allowing detailed characterization of environments or measurements, data collection and processing.


It implements a very low consumption microprocessor that allows its use by batteries. In addition, the high calculation capacity of the microprocessor makes it possible to process the data on the platform itself using artificial intelligence techniques, reducing the amount and complexity of transmitted data by sending only the results and not the raw data.

The platform has an Ultra Wide-Band transceiver for positioning applications or for communication between nodes.

Use case

In tests

As a use case, a watertight buoy is presented for taking temperatures at four different depths, in order to characterize the thermocline in a maritime installation. Additionally, a turbidity sensor is installed to detect changes in water quality.

The electronics are installed inside the buoy, from which the four temperature sensors are detached in a chain configuration, so that measurements are made at 0.30, 0.80, 1.30 and 1.80 meters of depth. The turbidity sensor is placed on the bottom of the buoy.

Temperature and turbidity measurements are made at regular intervals of time, which are transmitted by radio, together with the measurement of battery voltage, to a receiver that sends the data to a server for storage, processing and display.

It is currently being tested in a controlled environment for later use in an offshore facility. Thanks to “Puerto Deportivo de Gijón” for leaving us their facilities.

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