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  • Anti friction microtextures for prostheses

    Anti friction microtextures for prostheses

  • Slender structures calculation

    Slender structures calculation

  • Applications for industrial environments

    Applications for industrial environments

  • Intake Flow of V8

    Intake Flow of V8

  • Indrone: Indoor positioning

    Indrone: Indoor positioning

  • Application of simulation in buildings projects

    Application of simulation in buildings projects

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Ingeniacity combines passion for engineering and technology with the taste for design.

In this way, we do not focus exclusively on the aesthetic design, but we add value to the product by giving a functional sense to the design.

Our extensive knowledge in the field of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to select in each case the optimal material, whether it is a traditional material or an advanced material. Each piece or structure that is designed is optimized to the maximum depending on the criteria given by the client (weight, manufacturing technique, aesthetics, etc.).

Automotive parts, comprehensive design of competition and high-end boat structures or industrial structural elements are some examples of our production.



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