Client: Arcelor & Ingeniacity


R+D+i: Autonomous indoor drone

The use of drones is increasing and it is common to see drones performing tasks in industrial environments.

One of the major limitations for the intensive use of drones is the restrictive regulations, but these regulations are not such an impediment indoors.

In the case of using drones in the interiors of industrial environments, we find another type of limitation, it is a technical limitation: the problem of indoor positioning. On the one hand, GPS system is no longer an option, and on the other, interference that appear in industrial environments make this task difficult.

For these reasons, ArcelorMittal proposes an open innovation challenge and selects us to solve it.

Drones Indrone
Project development
Indoor positioning

The objective of the project is to validate the possibility of using UltraWideBand technology (UWB) in combination with other technologies such as vision.

Is was importat to have the possibility of establishing flight routes, including a safety route through which the drone whould fly in case of an obstacle.

Project images