Heating System Simulation – Part 1 of 4


The project we aim to develop in future posts has arisen from the collaboration between two Asturian companies located in Gijón: Quilding Architecture and Ingeniacity.

Quilding is an architectural firm specialized in real estate.

Among its services are:

  • Renewal and enhancement of all types of properties

  • Management of the whole process of real estate transactions: planning, design and implementation

  • Support throughout the entire construction process, offering technical, legal and financial advice.

Their customers are people and organizations that require construction and renovation projects or that plan to invest in the real estate sector.

Currently, the company is taking part in several projects among which stand out:

  • Direction and technical management of a business project focused on the re-valuation of housing located in the urban center.

  • Comprehensive consultancy services for the property of a historic building on its sustainable refurbishment and enhancement as a residential building for rent.

Ingeniacity is a technology-based company formed by a multidisciplinary team with experience in various sectors.

The main objective of Ingeniacity is to find an engineering solution for any type of problem and to create or improve products by consulting new manufacturing processes and advanced materials.

Ingeniacity has the know-how and the necessary tools to design and/or optimize components, and even to carry out the integrated design of a product.

Among its services are:

  •  Product design and redesign. Ingeniacity combines its passion for engineering and technology with a feel for design.

  •  Structural calculation (FEA) and fluid dynamic simulation (CFD): Making use of these tools, each piece or structure designed by Ingeniacity is optimized according to the customer’s criteria.

  •  Technological consultancy: Ingeniacity has a team of people who are able to improve products and/or production processes through the application of consulting the latest manufacturing processes and new materials.

The distribution of tasks for the development of this project is very clear.

For its part, Quilding (together with the developer Procoaf) oversees the direction and technical management of a business project for the re-valuation of houses located in the city center.

The property under study is in Gijón (Asturias). It was presented as completely out-of-date, making its after sales very difficult.

Quilding managed to renew and adapt it to meet market requirements, resulting in a warm and comfortable property with all the amenities in the city center and at a reasonable price.

Ingeniacity conducted research on the physical phenomenology associated with the heating systems.

Since it was an apartment located in Asturias, the company decided to study the heating system, but the study undertaken could also be applied to air conditioning systems.

Using techniques based on fluid dynamics simulation (CFD), it was possible to analyze and compare different heating systems in the home and the temperature distribution in them.

These simulations allow us to understand how a home heats up, and how it can affect the comfort of those who inhabit it. By understanding how heat flows behave, significant energy savings can be achieved by optimizing the distribution of furniture and heat sources in the home to obtain lower losses.