Exoskeleton – Part 6 of 6


Before carrying out the simulation, its parameters must be selected, which have a significant importance for the result. One of these parameters is the duration of the simulation. It was decided to use a time of 1 second, which is equivalent to the walking cycle of the exoskeleton. Underlying this decision was the calculation that with this time and the user’s measurements, a speed of 2.16 km/h would be obtained. This speed is similar to that of other models currently available in the market.

Once the values of the simulation have been obtained, these values are compared with the reference input values. If the behavior is appropriate, the pair values, forces and velocities can be taken as valid for the next design stages.

In the following images, the angle obtained in the simulation is compared graphically with the reference angle. The angle obtained in the simulation is shown in black and the reference angle in orange.

Hip angle comparison
Knee angle comparison
Ankle angle comparison