Exoskeleton – part 2 of 6


In this second part we will continue to explain how the design project of an exoskeleton gradually evolved.

The first step was to carry out an inspection of the state of the art, and after doing so, we concluded that it is a field with a lot of room for improvement.

The images below show the exoskeletons marketed by the major companies in the sector: Cyberdyne Inc., Ekso Bionics, ReWalk Robotics, and Rex Bionics.


The companies dedicated to designing and commercializing exoskeletons were set up only recently and, in some cases, their products are only intended for medical use in rehabilitation treatment where the use of crutches is necessary to provide stability. In addition, these products come with a very high price tag.

As a result of this study, we have deduced the core aspects that should be considered in designing these types of devices so that they are appealing for both personal and clinical use.

To bring this second part to a close, I will outline what these aspects are:

  • Raise user comfort

  • Increase ease of use

  • Minimize weight

  • Maximize autonomy

  • Robustness of the device against possible blows

  • Design a device which adapts to different types of people

  • Include different methods of use depending on the user’s motor ability

  • Reduce the cost of the devices

  • Improve stability in the operation of the device

We will soon publish the third part of this project, and I will tell you in advance that it will be increasingly technical.