Exoskeleton – part 1 of 6


With this entry from the Ingeniacity blog, we intend to explain how the study of a system to help human mobility has been carried out. Specifically, an exoskeleton for the lower extremities.

The first step is to explain what an exoskeleton is. It is a mobile machine whose main application is to facilitate or perform the movement of some of the limbs of the human being, whether the upper extremities, lower extremities or both.

As for applications, there are currently two: the main and best known is to facilitate the action of walking to people with reduced mobility, and the second is to improve the physical capabilities of soldiers allowing them to carry more weight or travel greater distances.

We will focus on the first of these applications. An exoskeleton has been designed for the lower extremities of the human body to facilitate the activity of walking to people who can not perform it for any reason or have difficulties for it.

Once this introduction to the project is done, I invite you to read the next blog entries, as we will explain how it has been carried out.