Client: Private


Paralympic shooting table

So far, at Ingeniacity we had worked for both small businesses and large multinationales, but this project was different, it came from the hand of a private client.

Our new client competes in different disciplines of olympic shooting nationally and internationally, and requires the use of a table attached to his wheelchair.

Project development
Design and manufacturing

The requirements of the project were clear, the structure should be light, but it was also necessary to maintain the rigidity with respect to the original iron and wood table and not to have gaps in the anchorage of the table to the wheelchair. Finally, it had to be removable to be able to transport it without problem.

During the design stage, we follow the Design Thinking Methodology and after several iterations and the combination of design, structural simulation, new manufacturing technologies and advanced materials, we arrive at the final design that meets all the requirements.

Then, the manufacturing stage arrived. The materials used, mainly because of their lightness and strength characteristics, were biaxial carbon fiber, low temperature curing ecological epoxy resins and PLA and ASA for additive manufacturing parts.

In order to increase their durability, the additive manufacturing parts were reinforced with carbon fiber, so that the printed parts function as a mold.

The final resul was a table of carbon finish, with an innovative design, and a weight reduction of 43% compared to the original (from 4930 grams to 2104).

Project images