Corporate Social Responsibility

Company’s Philosophy

Since its beginning, Ingeniacity has always been a committed company that tries to have a positive impact on its customers, employees, the environment and society in general.







Ingeniacity has signed an Agreement of Educational Cooperation with the University of Oviedo to receive students in external internships, acting, in some cases, as external tutors of students in their Final Master projects.
These practices are developed within the company, while they learn and are trained in it in the different programs and topics that will be used, as well as in the daily life of a company, document management, teamwork, time control, etc… Experience that we believe gives them a global vision of the business world that they will find in their professional future.

Also within the University of Oviedo (EpiGijón), we provide titles of possible projects that we find interesting, both for our own development and at an industrial level, so that students can choose as a possible end-of-year project.

Since the agreement with the University and from the sponsored projects, business and labor synergies have emerged, as some of the trained students have become part of the Ingeniacity staff. This shows that the bet of the company for the training of future professionals is beneficial for both parties and, in general, for the national business network.



On the other hand, Ingeniacity is and has been a sponsor of several university projects such as MotoStudent and FormulaStudent,  where far from being a static sponsor, whose contribution is only money without getting involved in the project, Ingeniacity is just the opposite, we are involved in the training of the team in areas such as design, engineering, materials, manufacturing … in addition to providing materials and products that they need for the project, such as carbon fiber, resins etc …

Experience tells us that this form of sponsorship is much more rewarding for the company and certainly more enriching on the training of students.

Committed to equality

Since its inception, Ingeniacity is committed to equality. Not only because 2 of the 3 founders of Ingeniacity are women, but because of the responsibility and conviction of wanting to contribute to a better and equal society.
Proof of this is that Ingeniacity is part of the Board of Equality of the City Council of Gijón since its first year of activity.


Another social project is the collaboration in the
Gijón Smart Kids project, for the Promotion of the knowledge society and the culture of innovation aimed at young people, funded by the City of Gijón and carried out by the CTIC Foundation with which we have already two editions and where our colleague Tamara gives talks to students from different primary and secondary schools where she teaches them what innovation and engineering are.


We would like to highlight the realization of altruistic projects. Our intention is to help, through technology, to solve existing problems in society. A clear example is the adaptation of an electric wheelchair so that it can be handled by a device that reaches the position of the iris of the eyes. Through this project we are going to help a 12-year-old Asturian girl who was given the chair but can not handle it safely due to her mobility limitations.

The control of mobile device systems using pupilometry techniques is a novel system, and an alternative to other conventional control systems. It is based on real-time monitoring of the state and position of the iris of the user’s eyes.


In addition, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and helping employment, Ingeniacity actively participates in projects such as
Emprende Geek (promoted by CTIC) and in the Visual Me project (organized by AJE).

Given the national situation of youth unemployment and due to the youth of these workers, Ingeniacity participates in the 2014 – 2020
Programa Operativo de Empleo Juvenil  (Youth Employment Operational Program)
of the Public Employment Service, co-financed by the IEJ (Youth Employment Initiative) and the ESF (Social Fund). European Union) for one of its workers hired in 2017.