Advanced engineering
applied to the marine sector

Ingeniacity Marine is a technology-based company that develops projects in the marine sector.

Our goal is to help our customers design better products and avoid structural problems.

We develop disruptive solutions that allow our clients to differentiate themselves in the sector.


Extensive experience in the sector

Naval Architecture

Concept and design
Construction plans
3D Models

Fluid dynamic simulation

Propeller rotation speed, torque and thrust
Push power
Power delivered by the propeller
Dynamic sinking and boat trim
Hull strength
Maneuver simulation

Structural engineering

Design and analysis of structures, both composite and metal
Finite element analysis: detailed design and optimization
Structural design of appendices: Average tool for calculating the sections of the appendices. Uses FEA principles to estimate composite sections
Design and optimization of lamination for Composite to achieve the required mechanical properties of a composite material element



Ingeniacity has the resources and knowledge necessary to carry out R&D projects in the marine sector, both in an integral way and serving as support to the R&D department of your company.

We offer the possibility to develop personalized tools & programs to meet your demands.
Some of our previous work includes:

  • In-house appendage foil section calculator (composite).  Cross-sectional analysis tool for computing beam properties and recovering 3D stresses and strains of slender composite structures.  View project SLENDER STRUCTURES.